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“The foundational conception of public education is neither capitalism or socialism, it is not about Republicans or Democrats, and it has never been, before now, about profit. Public education has always been about the development of each child as an individual to the fullest extent of their abilities for the ultimate benefit of society. Public schools are about Community, about Democracy, about civility. The antithesis of self-centeredness is Community and Community means all of us working together, learning and teaching, not grasping whatever can be at whatever cost to others, oblivious to an inclusive  social contract. Public education is where children learn and practice these values.”

On April 3rd, 2018, ALTP Lodge.614 in cooperation with William Rhodes Hervey Lodge No.767 and Elysian Lodge No.418 successfully held The Annual Public School Observance Night, the well attended event was chaired by Bro. Kim Cabanig with Bro. Neil Gonzales as his co-chair. Worshipful Omar Tolentino  of ALTP Lodge No. 614 graciously opened the night by welcoming our guests, brethren and families, after which Bro. Cabanig took over the podium to introduce our honored guest, Ms. Karen Sulahian, Principal of Glenfeliz Blvd. Elementary School – recipient of our Public School Observance donation.

Ms. Sulahian’s warm and gracious thank you speech couldn’t have been more well received, This event, your donation and your support, no matter how great or small will surely have an impact to the lives of children at Glenfeliz Blvd. Elementary.

Many thanks brethren and families for your participation and support.