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“The beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people.”

Atwater Larchmont Tila Pass Lodge No.614 is proud to announce the inaugural Cultural Heritage Celebration which will take place on September 15, 2018 Saturday at 5:00PM in our Masonic Hall.

In behalf of our Master of the Lodge, WBro. Omar Tolentino and as Chairman of the event, I invite you all to join us to celebrate and participate in the event. Briefly during the celebration, we are asking you to wear your traditional cultural attire (voluntary/optional), or share your cultural dish, a few phrases in your own dialect or language (but please translate them as well for everyone to understand) and bring some historical , scenic pictures of your town, province, country to share for display. More information to follow.

All our Brethren, their families and friends are welcome to attend and participate regardless of race, color, religion or country of origin.

For more information please contact:

WBro. Joey G. Aguilar WBro.
(818) 415-7863
email: myttusok69@hotmail.com

WBro. OMar Tolentino
(310) 272-6730