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The fresh morning dew still dripping from every blade of grass, the sun bursting through the trees for the first time of the new day, we were blessed by the Great Architect of a great day to play golf.

The Annual Atwater Larchmont Tila Pass Lodge No. 614 golf tournament has begun, Our chairman Bro. Marlon Legaspi and Co-chair Bro. Noel Prospero did an amazing job planning and organizing the event for all the participants, our sincerest thanks goes out also to WB. Joey Narte for the amazing tournament photos, and to Sis. Gemma Tanchico and Bro. Andre Vizcocho for lending their time assisting the pre-golf prep.

There were multiple tournaments happening at Brookside that day but that did not stop our eager and enthusiastic golfers to give those clubs a good swing and enjoy some great fellowship, it couldn’t have been a more perfect day.

Our very own WB. Reuben Zari with a score of 88 was our low gross champ, Bro. Tim Zuñiga with a net score of 71 won the low net champion trophy, at Hole #11, par 5 close to 500 yards, is where we tested the longest drive, Bro. Cornelio “Bogsi” Gonzales conquered this challenge and was awarded the trophy for the tournament’s Longest drive. In Hole # 15, 135yards par 3, we tested the accuracy of our players and Bro. Lito De Vera executed with such precision landing the tee shot in less than 2 feet from the hole… Impressive!

It took several hours to conclude the game, some might say that they could never understand a game of hitting and chasing that little white ball but for our golfers- it is more than just a game, it is a personal connection between every blade of grass, the green with its quirks bumps and turns, communing with the fairway and time spent with the brethren, focused, competitive but yet keeping the spirit of fellowship and sportsmanship par by par.

The awarding ceremony and lunch was held at ALTP Masonic Hall, WB. Omar Tolentino, Bro. Ed Senga and Golf Chairman Bro. Legaspi gave their opening remarks which soon after Bro. Legaspi presided over the awarding and acknowledgements of all the sponsors for their generous support and contributions to make this event a success.

A special thanks also to WB. Omar Tolentino and his Corps of Officers, once again proving that we are “Stronger Together” in any event or special gathering, it can always be accomplished with careful planning and team work.

Thank you and see you all next year!