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“Giving a helping hand to the homeless, to the needy is not only a responsibility but an act of humanity. We can make a difference in their lives even with a little – it doesn’t demand that much; a little of what we have or a little of our time. We can make a difference – an impact in their lives by showing them compassion and love. It is very easy to judge a person in such situation, however, don’t let the cloud of judgment cast a veil to the call of Charity. Those empty glares, the look of despair – of hopelessness. Like the bright sunrise which dawns upon every homeless person everyday, it casts a shadow of their story…everyone has a story.

Being homeless does not make them different or unwanted, it’s just a life course that they faced. With a little help and compassion, let’s ignite the light of hope to the goodness of the world and help them once again to believe in humanity.”



We would like to thank everyone (Our Masonic family and friends) for their generosity, those who donated, participated and took their time of day to join us in our Annual Midnight Mission Charity Drive and Serving. It is truly overwhelming to see the support of the brethren.

Thank you Worshipful Gilbert Cabrera (Chairman) and Bro. Nick Agpalo, DMD (Co-chairman) for spearheading this event and to Worshipful Omar Tolentino and his corps of officers for another successful event.

Thank you all.