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Diversity, at its best, is inclusive. It brings together the best of what the world has to offer and aggregates this smorgasbord of ideas to create something that could not have existed before. It brings perspective, experiences and an amalgamation of the best of us which we might not have been able to imagine. It sheds light to our multi spectral society opening our eyes to the many possibilities of working together, hand in hand looking past color boundaries towards reaching a common goal – a stronger society working in unity and harmony.

On September 15th 2018, Atwater Larchmont Tila Pass Lodge No.614 successfully held its Inaugural Annual Cultural Heritage Night under the chairmanship of W. Joey Aguilar, the well-attended event showcased various cultural distinctions especially the culinary delights of countries represented (in Asia, Africa, and North America) and highlighted the individual regional flavors and flair! After an enjoyable well-rounded dinner, A very well thought out cultural and masonic education together with several lively presentations were held in the lodge room topped off by an amazing traditional “Igorot” dance (origin: Philippines), donned in their customary costume and instruments the performance was memorable, mesmerizing and almost nostalgic – Igorots are an indigenous ethnic group from the mountains of Luzon in the Philippines. 

Congratulations to ALTP No. 614 for a wonderful Inaugural event to promote diversity and inclusion and in which we hope continues for generations to enjoy  and learn from, it is a wonderful reminder that though we are all different, there is a string of commonality and humanity represented by a common goal and aim that makes us all the same.

Brotherly love, Relief & Truth.