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As the fall season signifies the waning of the glorious summer, so comes the time to elect the new set of officers for the ensuing Masonic year, a time-honored tradition, the passing of the gavel to the one we elect worthy to sit on that Oriental Chair.

On Nov. 6 2018, The membership convened at the lodge and has elected the following brothers as officers for the ensuing Masonic year 2019:

Bro. Edwin L. Senga, Master; Bro. Marlon P. Legaspi, Senior Warden; Bro. Neil D. Gonzales, Junior Warden; Bro. Celso F. Fueconcillo, PM, Treasurer and Bro. George C. Dela Cruz, PM, Secretary.

It has been an amazing 2018 under the Governance of Worshipful Omar Tolentino, he exemplified amazing leadership as a “doer” – as in our teachings ever to walk and act, leading the lodge to such a successful term. His events were always joyous, well attended and promotes the essence of brotherly love and camaraderie, which is no surprise as Worshipful Omar truly emulates one of our very important tenets  – He is humble, decisive and wants nothing but the best for the membership – for his brothers, he showed us what brotherly love means by living it – by example.

The integrity and loyalty of our membership is time tested and seasoned by our principles and teachings, a family-oriented lodge yet dedicated to our craft, our ritual, enriching our lives and our community.

The future is bright for Atwater Larchmont Tila Pass Lodge 614, with the newly elected officers, the support of our mother lodge, the membership and our Grand Lodge. We can already see the bright rays of sunlight peeking at the horizon.