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As the dust begins to settle from such a memorable weekend, The dawn of a new day rises upon the horizon, May the Great Architect of the universe bestow his blessing and may his infinite light shine upon the new ALTP614 officers. Sincerest congratulations to all the newly installed, there is no doubt in our minds that you will continue to uphold the tradition of our lodge in which we hold most dear, that you will continue to strive for excellence as set forth by those who lead before you and that you will continue to promote and exercise our tenets and our virtues amidst all the trials that you might face, it is evident that this ensuing Masonic year will not only be very much engaged but it will also be a memorable one.

It is with great pleasure to introduce to you, Our 2019 Officers.

Worshipful Master – Edwin Senga

Senior Warden – Marlon Legaspi | Junior Warden – Neil Gonzales | Treasurer – Celso Fueconcillo, PM | Secretary – George Dela Cruz, PM | Senior Deacon – Andre Vizcocho | Junior Deacon – Gil Gonzales | Chaplain – Mark Moralida | Marshal – Manuel Angeles | Senior Steward – Bobby Garcia | Junior Steward – Michael Suase | Tiler – Jay Cano Jr. | Organist – Rome Reyes | Assist Secretary – Joey Narte, PM | Candidate’s Coach – Jesus Rosal, PM

” Light to Dispel Darkness”, The meaning of light to us Masons is quite significant, to most of us in the craft “Light” is a symbol of knowledge, enlightenment or wisdom, and an actualization not just of our virtues and tenets but also in its application in our daily life. It is in the assimilation of this light that we as Masons can look and reflect into our lives and regulate our conduct and actions agreeably to the dictates of reason.

As per the wisdom of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, Only LIGHT can do that”.

2019 ALTP614 Officers,  In your journey, may your light continue to shine even in those days when darkness seems to fill the room, consider your obstacles as the rough and rugged road, trust the leadership, stay true and loyal to each other, speak of good counsel – through strength and the unity of the brotherhood, the ensuing Masonic year 2019 has a bright and fruitful future.



94th Annual Installation of Officers | December 8, 2018