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The lights gleaming, the tinsels glistening, the bright red bows and evergreens adorned the ALTP614 Hall in celebration of our Annual Kid’s Gift Giving and Christmas Party!

First and foremost, We would like to thank everyone; Brethren, Families, and friends who made this event quite festive and a success! We are utterly over-joyed with this year’s turn out! Kids of all ages! Gramma’s and Grampa’s, Dad’s and Momma’s, Thank you Brethren and Friends for supporting this year’s Christmas Party! and Thank you for your participation, cooperation and show of solidarity strengthening the core values of our lodge as one who values not just our rituals but also the people behind our every success – Our Family.

We would like to specifically thank a few of our brethren and friends who made this event one to remember! To our Jr. Past, WB. Omar Tolentino and Sis. Emmalyn, Bro. Jun Tallara and Sis. Alice, Thank you for your generosity and unending support to our lodge – in this season where appreciation, respect, generosity and love should abound – you definitely showed this at work.  To the ALTP614 Officers and family, Our petitioners (Our elves, who selflessly lend their time and hands; Chris, Will, Martin, Art & Arthur), and to WB. Rogel Jamiro, Our Jolly St. Nick for this year!!! You definitely brought so much joy and smiles to all the children (and adults) in this event!

Though our Christmas party signifies the completion of a term, It also denotes the rising of a new beginning, May the coming year bring everyone happiness, success and much love and support as the previous years!

Sincerest thanks to everyone! Have a Wonderful Christmas and a bountiful New Year!